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What is Dark Funnel Marketing?

In marketing, new terms pop up all the time. Likewise, we often wind up with multiple terms for the same problem. Until the issue becomes

The Customer Journey Marketing Hourglass

Sales funnels have been around since the first caveman sold the wheel.  Don’t fact check that.  Sales funnels consider the customer’s journey to a purchase

SEO Tips: 5 Popular Analytics Tools

What is the purpose of my website?  A great question each small business owner needs to carefully consider when answering.  Knowing the purpose of your

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Facebook Advertising Explained

Advertising on Facebook is a growing marketing strategy that is becoming more effective with more data and practice from the professionals.  Many small businesses are afraid

Keyword Planner for Google Ads

The most common answer to questions nowadays is two little words.  Google it.  But what happens when your question is what are people Googling!? No worries, we know the answer to

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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization.  If only the answer was that simple.  SEO is the most popular term in the Digital Advertising world.  It’s important because it

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How to Attract the RIGHT Leads: Know, Like & Trust

Establishing Know, Like & Trust IS Marketing In today’s world, attracting the correct audience for your product or service can be very challenging. Audiences are looking for a connection that not only appeals to them on a personal level but emotionally as well. Unfortunately, many ‘old-school’ tactics come off as salesy and untrustworthy. And this is a problem.  What brands and businesses should be doing is establishing Know, Like and Trust with their audience base. Does your target audience Know you?  And more to the point, does your target audience know you exist?  Getting the word out about your services,

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What they aren’t telling you about free web builders

First Call has been in the web game for many years. During that time, we’ve investigated the best web builders around to determine which one is the best for web agencies as well as individual, DIY web building. There are a number of web builders available. Many have simplified the web building process to the point where you’d wonder why anyone would use a web designer at all. Pre-designed templates, drag and drop interfaces, and SEO plugins make a web designer obsolete….right? Absolutely not! While mocking up a website is easier than ever, that doesn’t mean that major marketing &

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How To Solve 11 Common Challenges For In-House Marketing Teams

From Idea to Execution In today’s fast-paced business world, with constantly shifting digital marketing processes, it is an everlasting trial to continue to reach your target market effectively. As if keeping content on topic and fresh wasn’t already hard enough – now we have to contend with regularly shifting algorithms, market changes, trending topics and keywords, and a wide range of metrics. An in-house marketing team may be a no-brainer at first. You can be catered to the specific company’s needs, fine-tuned to the industry, and be quickly adaptable. The reality ends up being slightly different, and there are several

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