How to Attract the RIGHT Leads: Know, Like & Trust

Establishing Know, Like & Trust IS Marketing

In today’s world, attracting the correct audience for your product or service can be very challenging. Audiences are looking for a connection that not only appeals to them on a personal level but emotionally as well. Unfortunately, many ‘old-school’ tactics come off as salesy and untrustworthy.

And this is a problem. 

What brands and businesses should be doing is establishing Know, Like and Trust with their audience base.


Does your target audience Know you?  And more to the point, does your target audience know you exist?  Getting the word out about your services, your offerings, how you can help is a giant first step. 

After your audience Knows that you are out there, the next question to ask is “Does my target audience Like my business?” 

The second biggest marketing hurdle to jump is getting your target audience to Like your brand.  Keep in mind, ideally this type of “Like” takes place before they have tried your brand or bought from your brand.  This type of “Like” is facilitated through social posts, website copy and wording, branding, custom videos, and more.

 Finally, before we ask a potential customer to buy from us, we need to establish the last element, “Trust.”  Trust is derived from different avenues for different industries; however you cannot go wrong with the basics. 


Foundationally, Trust online is built through: Case Studies, Online Reviews and Testimonials.  Also, showcasing previous work or examples is another way to present evidence and build trust.

Figuring out the best way to stand out in the digital world while simultaneously creating trust can seem daunting, but don’t overthink it!  Just be clear:  what are your offerings, why you’re the company for the job, and what makes you the best.

Navigating the crowd to get to your core demographic will take a specialized strategy and a stellar team to execute!

Here are some of the ways we here at First Call help to establish Know, Like & Trust:

KNOW: How do I get my audience to KNOW my business exists?

You need to make sure that your audience knows who you are and where they can find you.

Key KNOW tenents:

Make sure you have the right digital presence set up that helps express what you stand for in a clear and concise message. Is Facebook consistent with LinkedIn?  Are they both consist with your website?

Express who you are, what you have to offer them.

  • Clearly outline the benefits of working with your business
    • How do you alleviate your ideal customer’s pains?

Keeping your message clear and clean so that they get to know you.

  • Consistent, clear messaging is critical.
    • We do not want to confuse our target audience
    • We want to speak directly to them.

A lot of this work happens when building the foundation of your online presence.  Take the big step of building a brand book or brand guide.  Brand awareness and brand consistency play a major role in your overall online presence.

LIKE: Is my business appealing to my target audience?


Getting your potential customer base to like your business is the next big step in getting them hooked.  It’s one thing to be recognized, it’s another more important thing if this recognition comes with a sense of confidence, a sense of understanding, a sense of humor.  We want your brand to elicit a smile, a positive reaction.

This personal connection can be created in a number of different ways.

  • Utilizing storytelling while integrating your core values across several platforms, including social posts, videos, and blogging, to name a few.
  • Make sure to include brand elements that are relevant to your product and services to solidify authenticity and recognition.
  • Ensure that every time your marketing efforts come in contact with your audience, it helps to enhance the user experience.
  • Try to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to building resentment in false promises or annoying interactions that can leave a bad taste in their mouth with certain types of marketing strategies. Don’t overpromise what your product or services can do.

TRUST: Why would a potential customer trust my business to help?

This is the last step but perhaps the most crucial. Building trust in you and your organization takes a lot of effort, but you can lose it with just one bad experience. To build trust in you and your organization, your marketing should include supporting information like case studies, testimonials, and result-based facts. Be sure that you present this in easy-to-digest content across your digital footprint. Every interaction that your potential customer comes into contact with needs to build upon this in a positive way.

Use consistent visual clues to identify who you are so that no matter what media platform they find you on, it will create a feeling of familiarity and induce good feelings. Creating a body of social proof can help you build this trust. Be sure also to be aware of any negative information that can be found on you or your organization and address it professionally.


For now, find your best client, the one you enjoy working with, the one that does not take up all your time with questions/issues/etc, the one that makes you think \”Gosh, if only I had ten more of these clients!\” and ask them to sit down with you. Have a conversation about their business, how things were before they were a client, what problems they faced, and then ask how things are going now. Boom! You\’ve got your first case study!

Now put that front and center on your homepage! Establishing trusts can take time, but there is no reason why you cannot start doing it right now.

Successful Marketing is developing Know, Like & Trust

It sounds simple because it is. Does your target audience Know you? Do they Like you? And do they Trust you? If you can answer \’yes\’ to these three questions, you are well into the sales process, getting those leads to try and buy your services.

Using the Know, Like, and Trust concept to establish and position your business in your targeted audience helps not only to set the stages for all the processes to communicate with your audience, it also helps to drive sales. These leads are already warm, they know you and trust you already.

At First Call, Know, Like & Trust are always top of mind. That is where we begin. Developing Know, Like and Trust is baked into our strategic plans. One of the first steps we take with any client is to perform a Total Online Presence Audit to understand where your business is, where your competitors are, and how you are seen online by potential customers. That means: Can they find you? Do they know you? Does anyone trust you?

We are always available to talk about developing a Know, Like & Trust strategy for your business! Let\’s talk

Let\’s build KNOW, LIKE & TRUST

It doesn\’t take much and we are happy to help! Let\’s come up with your base strategy over one quick call!