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Is your website more of a digital couch potato than a small business powerhouse?

Many small businesses are stuck with an online presence that’s just not pulling its weight…leading to dropped leads and missed opportunities.

A Spotter for Your Website Design & Build

Imagine a team who takes the time to understand your business and industry's specific needs. Like a spotter helping you lift the heavy marketing responsibilities that are needed for successful business growth.

A Web Fitness Strategy to Drive Results

Our approach involves a collaboration of strategists, designers, and developers, each contributing to a user-focused and efficient website.

Content & Branding That Carry Their Weight

At the helm of content is our 'Content Boss,' who ensures very word, every image, ensuring your site is not just a collection of pages but a compelling narrative that captures your brand’s voice.

Eliminate Weak Websites

Conor Smith

A subpar website just won’t cut it. Not in today’s digital-first, trust-driven economy.

What you need is a strong website backed by a team of specialists equipped to help you excel.

A professional website positions you as an authority. You need to be the answer to the questions your customers are asking.

It’s more than a website; it’s a first impression, a conversation starter, a trust builder, a relationship builder.

We think weak websites are bad for business and we want to work with companies who feel the same.

Align Your Website's Goals

Envision a robust, professional website that champions your brand, converts prospects into loyal customers by creating know, like and trust, and powers your business forward.

All-in One Web Solution

First Call’s Website Strengthen Program is your all-in-one digital fitness solution.

It’s not just about a site that looks good; With our dedicated team’s support, expect a site that remains vibrant, current, and SEO-optimized long after launch.

Do It Yourself Websites are failing. Embrace our Done With/For You approach:
Do It Yourself Websites are failing. Embrace our Done With/For You approach:
  • Who is helping you set your digital marketing strategy?
  • Who establishes a clear project and manages expectations and outcomes?
  • Who puts together the words, visuals and video for your website?
  • Who is the graphic designer that makes it look good?
  • Who is the website developer to put it all together and make sure it performs well on desktops and phones?
  • Who sets everything up so it performs well on search engines so you are easily found?

If you don’t have strong answers to these questions our team is here to help.

Why We Created This

Our team wants to see your small businesses get a competitive edge – a digital platform that aligns with your business goals and with how your customers and prospects buy.

Time and time again we talk to businesses who have built their websites without clear business goals in mind and digital strategies to achieve them.

Small businesses can’t afford flabby websites. They need strong solutions from a team they trust.

Factoring in Price

You’ve got to establish a budget for success. The digital race is competitive and its getting more competitive as companies are working to earn new customers and better serve existing ones.

A high quality website that performs over the next several years is going to require investment. With transparent monthly pricing starting at $499, we tailor a fitness plan for your website that guarantees no surprises – just results."

Businesses have to keep in mind is that the buyer journey is going to include a stop at their website and if it adds value to the buyer journey time and time again it’s a worthwhile investment.

What’s Included

A comprehensive approach to web presence that includes:

  • Strategic Website Design and Launch
  • Strategic Brand and Buyer Journey Alignment
  • Reliable Uptime, Performance, and Security
  • A Partnership Dedicated to Your Growth
  • Continuous SEO and Content Updates
  • Website Security Maintenance
    •  Strategy
    • Project Management
    • Graphic Design
    • Content Creation (Text, Video, Infographics)
    • Website Design and Development
    • Hosting, Security, Maintenance

Other Benefits:

A comprehensive approach to web presence that includes:

  • Strategy Over Tactics: We align your business goals with digital strategy, ensuring your website isn’t just fit for today but sculpted for future success.
  • Brand Consistency: Like the right gym attire, your brand’s visual identity will be as solid as your quads, consistently representing you across all digital platforms.
  • Annual Strategic Tune-up: Our team performs a comprehensive annual digital health check with reporting to you and more importantly re-alignment with your business, products, buyers and goals.
  • Investment Mindset: Understanding that a high-quality website is a worthwhile investment, we structure the cost over a manageable timeframe of 3 years.
Don’t let your website lag behind.


Our program is a comprehensive web development service tailored for small businesses. It encompasses custom WordPress website design, content creation, SEO optimization, and continuous updates and support to enhance your digital presence and align it with your business goals.

By aligning your website’s design and content with the buyer’s journey, we create a seamless path that builds trust and engagement with your audience, leading to improved conversion rates from visitor to customer.

Our unique approach combines strategic brand alignment with ongoing SEO and content strategy, backed by a fractionalized team of experts who provide comprehensive support and insights, ensuring your website remains competitive and up-to-date.

Pricing starts at $499 per month, with the total cost structured over a three-year period. The final price is determined by the scope and complexity of your project, with a commitment to transparency and no hidden costs.

The monthly fee covers all aspects of the web development process including project management, design, content strategy, SEO, hosting, security, and continuous support and maintenance.

Yes, domain registration and secure hosting are integral parts of our service offering, ensuring that your website is not only professionally presented but also robust and reliable.

Certainly. While we protect the confidentiality of our clients, we can provide a portfolio of case studies upon request that showcases the variety and effectiveness of our work.

The typical timeframe for a new website to go live is between 90-180 days after the project kick-off meeting. This timeline can vary based on the project’s complexity and client collaboration.

Absolutely. We ensure that your website is responsive and provides a seamless user experience across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Your input is crucial. We require two key strategy meetings at the outset and maintain ongoing collaboration throughout the project, ensuring the final product aligns with your vision and business objectives.

We implement the latest security measures, including regular updates and patches, to keep your website safe from cyber threats. A secure website is a cornerstone of our program.

Yes, foundational SEO is a key part of our service, ensuring that your website is visible and ranks well on search engines from launch, with ongoing optimization as part of our continuous support.

We utilize AI tools to enhance content creation,
making sure your website’s content is not only abundant but also precise, engaging, and tailored to your audience’s needs. AI assists in ensuring your content strategy is as efficient and effective as possible.

Our program includes ongoing copywriting and website updates to ensure your site evolves with your business. Moves, adds, changes, and other updates are all part of the continuous support we provide.

Yes, we offer training sessions for you and your team on how to use the content management system so that you can make basic updates independently. Plus, our help desk is always available for any questions you may have.

We integrate analytics and performance tracking tools into your website, providing you with data on traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates to measure success and inform ongoing strategy.

Think of us as your digital growth partners. Beyond launch, we provide continuous support, annual digital steering meetings, and proactive suggestions to keep your website and your online strategy in top shape.

We’re here to help! You can reach out to us directly via our contact form, email, or phone. Our team is ready to answer any questions and guide you through our proces

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