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We move businesses from where they are, to where they want to be. There is no one giant step. Embrace us, strategy first, and milestone-based marketing.

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Do you feel like you're

Juggling Your Marketing Responsibilities?

Marketing can be noisy. There’s so much to do, all at once, and you’ve got to be an expert in absolutely everything just to keep up.


Are you or your marketing team feeling stretched too thin?


Between Google Ads, web updates, domain registration, hosting, Search Engine Optimization, and social media, you’ve got to have a full staff just to keep current. And even then…do you even know what’s working? Ugh! What a nightmare. We feel you.


And we’re here to bring you some good news. You need one simple roadmap to cut through the noise…

You need Strategy… and we’ve got it.

We have found that strategy helps get you from where you are to where you want to be with wonderful data and planning to help you know how far you’ve come. Wouldn’t it be nice to look back on next year knowing how your marketing works?

How are we different?

Our System is Strategy Based

First Call focuses on Strategy First. No matter where you are in your current marketing, strategy is everything when it comes to getting a better picture of how to make your marketing WORK.

Our strategy process helps analyze all aspects of your current marketing with our Total Online Presence Audit as well as a full Web Assessment and Competitor Analysis.

We gather all the data together for you and present it to you in a finalized plan that provides a look at your current marketing along with a plan on how you can improve. You’re free to use this program within your own marketing team or to work with us for ongoing support.

How does this Benefit You?

Milestone Based Marketing

Our Milestone based marketing helps you decide the most valuable campaign to pursue and the avenues to use to pursue it. We set clear Goals for each campaign and work with you to achieve them.

Want your phone to ring more? We can help with that.
Want more submissions to your contact form? We can help with that.
Want a better Click Through Rate for your Ad campaign. Hey! We can help with that.

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Our Partners & Skills

Over the years, we’ve found some great partners that have helped us create systems that WORK.
Here’s a couple of the tools we specialize in.


Feeling stuck in your Digital Marketing?

No One Giant Step

Our Done For You Digital Marketing helps you make sense of what you’re currently doing, what you should be doing, and how to measure success.

Are You & Your

Marketing Team On Track?

Not sure if your marketing team is in alignment? Whether you have one dedicated marketing person or a whole squad, our Done With You Digital Marketing can accommodate and fill the gaps where your marketing might be lacking.
We start our new Done With You Digital Marketing clients out with our Strategy First program to help get everyone on the same page regarding Where you are, Where you’re going, and How to get there.

Looking for a New Website? We do that, too!

Check out Some of Our Web Designs


Missoula-based Concrete & Excavation company.


Local, Missoula glass contractor.


Dance & movement arts studio.


Dog training & daycare center.


Remote work rental spaces.


Manufacturer’s representative for all of the Southeast.

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