Cassia Spurlock

Cassia is the Digital Marketing Director at First Call Digital Agency. She loves all things data but with a carefully placed kick to the shin, you can get her to stop talking about Google. When she's not diving heavily into analysis, she's backing way up to do high-level strategy. She thinks of marketing as a holistic practice and never hesitates to change gears to find something more effective. Find her on LinkedIn

Google Core Web Vitals Update: What Is It and What To Do About It?

The world of search engine optimization is an ever-changing puzzle. It can feel overwhelming to tackle the SEO of your website, but it doesn’t have to! Come along as we explore the implications of Google’s newest core algorithm update! What is it? Page Experience Update, Google’s latest core algorithm update, was announced late 2020 and went …

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The Customer Journey Marketing Hourglass

Sales funnels have been around since the first caveman sold the wheel.  Don’t fact check that.  Sales funnels consider the customer’s journey to a purchase decision.  It is typically something like this picture below with stages like awareness, interest, decision and action.    As customers go through the funnel stages, it’s natural to lose customers …

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Digital Marketing Channels for Small Businesses

According to Pew Research Center, 85% adults are using the internet daily.  That figure shouldn’t be too surprising, but it leaves one wondering what exactly people are doing on the internet?  Businesses need to consider all digital marketing channels in order to reach their customers.  Not only should businesses implement an array of digital marketing strategies for their …

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Facebook Advertising Explained

Advertising on Facebook is a growing marketing strategy that is becoming more effective with more data and practice from the professionals.  Many small businesses are afraid to dip their toes into the water because they don’t want to waste money on another marketing expense, they may not know anything about.  Fear not! Another First Call Web blog is here to help …

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Online Advertising for Small Businesses

What is Online Advertising? Online Advertising is an ad promoted by a business through a variety of internet services.  Online advertising takes on many forms such as online marketing, Pay-per-click, internet marketing, digital marketing, digital advertising and my personal favorite, the annoying creepy service that follows you around your devices and channels.  That being said, targeted ads consistently prove …

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization.  If only the answer was that simple.  SEO is the most popular term in the Digital Advertising world.  It’s important because it encompasses so many different avenues of online marketing.  Google’s search engine has been said to be 2 billion lines of code.  Please don’t make me count it. This means in order to optimize your …

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