6 Ways to Improve Your MSP Marketing

Marketing your IT company can be a full time job. If you don’t already have an internal marketing person or department, here are a handful of exercises and actions that can help you improve your MSP marketing today.

1. Create a Buyer Persona

Don’t market to everyone. A clear buyer persona helps you narrow your focus on improve your marketing strategy. Without a strategy in place, you’re casting too wide of a net and your messaging isn’t hitting the mark. A buyer persona helps define your Ideal Buyer. Once you have your messaging aligned to target them, you’ll find that sales are easier, conversions on your website are more effective, and you can deliver more confidently in your promise to them.

2. Clean Up Your Citations

Citations are any time your business shows up on a directory site. Citations include things like Yelp, Bing, Yellow Pages, etc. If you\’ve ever moved, changed phone numbers, opened a new location, or changed your business name, there’s a high chance that these citations are wrong and causing damage to your Local SEO.

3. Do a Competitor Analysis

Any idea what your competitors are up to? Doing a competitor analysis can help you see if there are any opportunities you may be missing. It could be as simple as creating an easy “Create a Ticket” button for your Help Desk, adding new resources that help your buyer improve their understanding of your services, or getting a feature in a paper.

4. Get a Brand Book in Order

Defining your brand is essential. Fonts, colors, messaging, target audience, and more should be clear throughout your organization. A clear brand book helps coordinate your social posts, letterheads, website design, and other materials so that individuals outside of your company can clearly recognize your company. You can also hand this brand book over to graphic designers, copywriters and other brand creators to help them nail your designs without as many revisions.

5. Standardize Your Social

Does your social profile reflect your brand? It should. Consistent headings, messaging, and postings help confirm to visitors to your page that you are legitimate business and on top of your marketing. Even if you don’t see much engagement on your page, that doesn’t meant that people aren’t visiting and checking out your company culture.

6. Create a Content Calendar

If you aren’t regularly updating your website and social, you should consider creating a content calendar. It helps you plan to fill in the gaps on copy that can provide value to your customer.