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Facebook Advertising Explained

Advertising on Facebook is a growing marketing strategy that is becoming more effective with more data and practice from the professionals.  Many small businesses are afraid

Online Advertising for Small Businesses

What is Online Advertising? Online Advertising is an ad promoted by a business through a variety of internet services.  Online advertising takes on many forms such as

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization.  If only the answer was that simple.  SEO is the most popular term in the Digital Advertising world.  It’s important because it

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Facebook Advertising Explained

Advertising on Facebook is a growing marketing strategy that is becoming more effective with more data and practice from the professionals.  Many small businesses are afraid

Keyword Planner for Google Ads

The most common answer to questions nowadays is two little words.  Google it.  But what happens when your question is what are people Googling!? No worries, we know the answer to

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Google My Business Explained

What is Google My Business?  Google My Business is the tool to advertise your company on Google Maps and in more search results.  GMB allows customers to find

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It’s not just about Google. Market to your favorite clients.

Have you seen the movie Sing? It’s a cute animated movie about a koala named Buster Moon, who is trying to save his failing theater, so he puts on a singing competition show to attract talent and attention. His faithful assistant, Miss Crawly, an iguana (whose glass eye pops out and bounces to type extra zeros to the grand prize dollar amount on the flier!), is in charge of getting the word out about the show. She prints the flier on “every single sheet of paper” and holds the giant stack of hundreds of fliers when her fan turns and

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Google Core Web Vitals Update: What Is It and What To Do About It?

The world of search engine optimization is an ever-changing puzzle. It can feel overwhelming to tackle the SEO of your website, but it doesn’t have to! Come along as we explore the implications of Google’s newest core algorithm update! What is it? Page Experience Update, Google’s latest core algorithm update, was announced late 2020 and went into effect gradually from June to August 2021.   Unlike regular algorithm updates, which Google makes almost constantly without acknowledging, this is a core algorithm update. That means it is a much larger update Google announces before or near the time of implementation.   As the name suggests, this update

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Plumbers: This hack will help you recruit top notch talent

After talking to plumbers week and week out, I’ve heard the same thing consistently: Finding and retaining quality recruits is a tremendous challenge. The problem seems to stem from two issues: 1. Plumbers are insanely busy and find themselves in constant need of new hires 2. Not as many young people are going into the trades, so the pool of candidates is very small There is one simple hack that many of the plumbers that I work with have not considered when it comes to recruiting the best talent – having a kick-ass website. Why does that matter? Competition If

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