Top 5 Sly Ways Bad Web Design Stunts Profitable Growth

According to Forbes, the United States will spend an estimated $80 billion in search engine optimization (SEO) by 2020. This digital marketing strategy is essential for boosting brand awareness, website traffic, and effective content creation.

Basically, you need it to attract people to your website. With SEO, you can use relevant content to give visitors the answers they’re searching for. This improves user experience, which can boost sales, too!

Without SEO website design, however, you’re missing out on opportunities to attract new customers.

5 Ways Web Design SEO Can Boost Your Business

Here are five ways your bad website design is stunting profitable growth — and how web design SEO can save you instead.

  1. It’s Not Attracting Customers

Your website should attract visitors — people you can convert into leads, then paying customers. Without SEO, however, your bad web design is unable to attract these opportunities.

That’s where SEO comes in.

With SEO, you determine a list of keywords that are relevant to your product or service. Then, you create unique, high-quality content that shows visitors you know your stuff.

People usually head to Google when they need answers to their questions. Your content can provide these answers and show readers you’re a helpful resource.

SEO also helps your website rank on search engines. That increases your visibility and brand awareness. If you can boost your ranking above competitor websites, you’re also excelling within your industry.

SEO doesn’t just attract visitors; it also attracts customers.

Remember, these people are looking for answers to industry-specific questions. That means you’re no longer getting random visitors, but valuable ones.

When developing your SEO website design, consider who your customers are. Then, figure out the keywords they’re using to search for your product or service. What kind of visuals do they need? What social media platforms do they use?

Check the competition, too. This can teach you about the quality content your customers are looking for.

Once you have these answers, you can develop the right content to attract these customers.

On- & Off-Page SEO

Web design SEO on your company website will attract visitors to your content. That’s on-page SEO.

However, you need off-page SEO as well. Off-page SEO strategies can boost your local SEO to attract visitors who live nearby.

You need both strategies to maintain your rankings. With ongoing SEO maintenance, you can attract the visitors most likely to become paying customers.

  1. It Neglects User Experience

Google prioritizes websites that offer high-quality, convenient user experience.

With bad website design, a visitor might click on a new page and discover a website that looks completely different. They might even think they’re on a different site. This can cause them to leave, which in turn increases your bounce rate.

A high bounce rate can lower your search ranking and hurt your digital ads.

Confusing navigation, inconsistencies, and low page speed can also cause a negative user experience.

SEO web design, meanwhile, puts user experience at the forefront. After all, you want visitors to be happy enough they make a purchase, right?

Smart SEO web design companies can help improve your website’s user experience. They can organize your navigation, make sure your design is consistent, and improve page load speed.

You can use this tool to determine if your website is loading too slowly.

Don’t forget to optimize your website for mobile devices, too!

With these improvements, visitors will feel encouraged to stay on your website and click around. Who knows; they might even make a purchase while they’re there.

  1. It’s Closed to Conversions

If people are leaving your website due to bad user experience, they’re also leaving before you can make a sale.

Bad website design isn’t conversion rate optimized, but SEO website design is.

SEO will guide visitors through your website. The right balance of language and design can make converting seem like the obvious choice.

This includes micro-conversions as well. These small actions on your website include:

  • Taking a quiz
  • Clicking a lightbox
  • Watching a video
  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Clicking a link

These micro-conversions can tell you a lot about your website visitors. It also keeps them on the page longer and boosts your click-through-rate.

Both can improve your SEO search page ranking.

SEO web design companies know how to measure and track these interactions. That way, they can optimize your website to get even more in the future.

  1. It Forgets Ads

If you’re paying for Google Ads, Instagram, or Facebook advertising, you want that money to go to good use. Usually, these ads send visitors to your website. From there, you can convert them into a lead.

Bad website design can scare these visitors off. That means all that digital advertising spend is going straight down the drain.

SEO website design, on the other hand, can help your ads shine.

After all, SEO content creates a seamless ad experience. That means it’s capable of creating a journey from the ad to the landing page (and beyond).

As a result, you can make the most out of every click (and every cent you spend).

SEO landing pages use focused language. They remind people why they clicked on your ad in the first place. That way, you can lead them straight towards a conversion.

Instead of wasting time and money, you can put that money right back into your pocket — and then some!

  1. It Won’t Pay You Back

If bad website design is scaring off your visitors, you’re not going to make a dime.

Investing in SEO website design, on the other hand, can improve your ROI.

When people land on your SEO pages, the language and content will guide them to take action. This can help you improve your conversion rate and sales while reducing customer acquisition costs.

As a result, you’re building your business, one SEO page at a time!

Boost Your Business: 5 Ways SEO Website Design Can Help

If your bad website design is holding you back, don’t sweat it! These five ways SEO website design boosts business growth can get you back in the game!

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