Website Service Agreement Terms

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Thank you for meeting with us.

Understanding Our Website
Service Agreement

We hope the time has value and you gain a better understanding of the positive impact an effective website can have over time

Key points from our meeting:

  • Why is success from a website agency?
  • What are the key functions of a successful website project and optimization service?
  • What is included in an agreement?
  • How do the fees work?
    – Term
    – Post Term
  • What are the terms of the agreement?
  • What is Digital Marketing Director?
  • What is Digital Marketing Manager
  • What is a Content Boss?
  • Choosing a Website Agency?

What is success from
a website agency?

Buyer Journey



Don't Set It
and Forget It

Strategic Steering and Alignment



Functions of a Successful Website Build,
Launch and Strengthen Program

What is included in a Website Build, Launch and Strengthen Program?

Essential Strategy and Brand Elements

  • Logo
  • Font
  • Tone
  • Trust Elements
  • Like Elements

Project Management

Website Design and Build

  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly
  • Stock Image Sourcing/Licensing
  • Content Migration Assistance
  • New Copy Writing
    • Utilizes limited 36-hour budget (see below)

Copy Writing

  • Pre-Launch
  • Post Launch Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Central Services and Tools

Help Desk & Quickies

Google Analytics, Auditing and Analysis

Website and Account Management

Annual Steering Meeting

  • Where we were?
  • Where we are?
  • Where we are going?
  • Where we were?
  • Where we are?
  • Where we are going?
  • Search Engine and Other Technology Change/Trends

How do the fees work?

Pricing starts at $499/mo. First Call’s team will work with you to get an estimate of your custom website project and provide a firm monthly price.

The agreement is billed monthly at the beginning of the month. Credit Card, e-check or ACH payment is required

What are the terms?

The agreement term is 36 months with a no exit clause due to the heavy upfront costs incurred by First Call during the design, build and launch phases of the project.

What is a Digital Marketing Director?

Your Digital Marketing Director works with you during the initial phases of your website project to define the scope, estimate the price and aid you and the team through the site map. brand elements and site design.

Primary Roles:

  • Scope of Work
  • Site Map
  • Brand Elements
  • Design Iterations
  • SEO Standards
  • Annual Marketing Steering Meeting

What is a Digital Marketing Manager?

Your Digital Marketing Manager is the executor of your website strategy and your primary point of contact throughout your journey. The Digital Marketing Manager works closely with you to coordinate resources and hit those milestones!

Both the search engines and your visitors crave well written copy that serves SEO demands and the needs of your visitors. A Content Boss works with the team to implement keywords, headlines, page copy etc that will help the site rank as well as convert.

The Content Boss coordinates and collaborates with the team to deliver effective copy for your industry, company and target audience over the life of your website.

What the heck is a Content Boss?

Choosing a Website Agency

We have a complete team of small business marketing professionals to meet all your needs.

Additionally we expect (and enjoy) a close relationship

We believe websites should not be set it and forget it. They require strategy, planning, execution, brand elements, SEO, copy, content, measurement, security and updates.