5 Ways to Increase Your Customers Engagement Online

An important part of earning and maintaining high customer satisfaction is the amount of effort put into an online presence. This begins with your company’s website. While social media pages like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are vital plug-ins, ultimately, consumers will visit your website to find out whether your product or service is right for them. So, here are 5 ways to increase customer engagement online and maximize their satisfaction.

Social Media Plug-ins

A business has a website to give more information on the services that they provide, or to sell their products. Consumers are more likely to buy products and services from a business that has a large social media following. Customers follow social media pages in order to understand the business-to-consumer relationship. If your organization can create posts that are relevant to your products and services, it will go a long way in ensuring that customers return to these pages and your services. Highly active social media pages feel personal and relatable to customers.

Live Chat

This is another way that the online experience feels personal. Live chat is a great way to quickly satisfy the customer’s needs while giving the business an opportunity to collect data on any issues, along with providing recordable feedback. According to a post from Econsultancy, “Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared to 61% for email and 44% for phone.” It is able to directly relate to a customer’s needs and will help in solving any retention issues that your organization may be having.

Embrace Feedback

This can be done in multiple ways. From having a comments section, reviews, or a standalone webpage for customer feedback. Showing that feedback is another important step in creating an online community. This builds trust within that business-to-consumer relationship. It is vital that the business also communicates within that feedback in a timely manner. Do not delete negative feedback, instead respond positively and offer a few ways to improve their experience. Obviously, delete any material that is offensive.


This can go along with creating a platform to allow feedback. Tell stories about the company, experiences, plans, or motivations. Storytelling has helped humans build communities for thousands of years, that should not have to change in the digital world. This can also help show consumers how your business has provided service and applies the work that you do to a real, relatable scenario.

Monitor, Measure & Improve

No matter what form your business takes in an online setting, monitor the activity, measure the results and improve upon the data provided. This is a large part of making sure that your business is staying on top of its competitors. With tools like live chat, comments and feedback, it is easy to monitor the ways that your business, and its online platforms, can improve. Constantly improving your website makes sure that customers feel as though their concerns and suggestions are being heard.

Whether you are in the process of creating an online presence, or re-establishing a current one, these tips will help keep your consumers happy. It will give insight on how to keep them coming back and provide longevity to an always changing online world.