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Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Firstly, digital Marketing is a necessary element of any successful business in Great Falls, MT.  The hardest part of digital marketing is knowing what's working and what isn't.  


It can become very expensive, very fast when you do not have a strategic plan in place for what you are doing and how you are measuring success.


At First Call Digital Agency, our first step is always to understand your business, who your target audience is, your ideal customer, your competitors and your business goals.


From there, we can put together the roadmap that will outline in detail the steps necessary to achieve those goals and reach success.

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Second, digital marketing covers a wide variety of techniques and services.  Everything from web design and Search engine optimization (SEO), to email campaigns and nurturing campaigns, to social media posting and management.


That does not mean you need to do it all.  Nor should you.  You should only focus on the avenues that will help you accomplish your business goals.  


That is why developing a strategy first, creating that roadmap is so vitally important. This process can teach us where your potential customers are online, the channels they utilize most.  Then we can determine how best to put your business in front of them.

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Clear & Concise Communication

Once we have the roadmap established and a clear understanding of our marketing objectives, it is time to execute.  

Our team will get to work on your project; whether it be a branding guide or a full website design package, the most important part of the project for our team is clear communication.  We want to be open and transparent with the client.  After all, it is your business, let's get it right!


And our team members are always available to schedule a call, share screens, anything to get on the same page and keep our project moving forward.

Getting found on Google

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For a lot of businesses in and around Great Falls, MT, ranking that first page of Google is an important digital marketing goal.  This can be a difficult mountain to climb if don't have a content plan in place.

These days, content is king on Google.  Not just any content; Google is looking for the expert.  When creating content, focus on answering a specific problem faced by a potential client.  Think about what that person might be searching for on Google.


Then using that search idea, create your content to answer that searcher's question.  This way your content is relevant, helpful to the end-user and will show your potential client (and Google) that you are an expert in your field.

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