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Matt HillMatt Hill
22:44 20 Jan 22
Our community bank website redesign and launch came with plenty of challenges that revealed themselves during the process, none of which were attributed to First Call. Cassia was incredibly helpful helping us navigate our way through that process. She listened to our requests and delivered exactly what we asked for. She provided coaching and even short training videos to help us in the future. Very professional and a pleasure to work with.
Sarah KnobelSarah Knobel
15:48 03 Nov 21
Cassia is thorough, detail oriented, and very focused on meeting customer expectations.
Belle ManleyBelle Manley
23:08 23 Jun 21
The First Call Web team created my business's website. They made the process straightforward, easy to understand, and fun. It felt very hands on and everyone I worked with was easy to communicate with. They were also very responsive, knowledgable, and friendly. I am so happy with how my website turned out!
Ashley CorballyAshley Corbally
18:21 15 Jan 21
First Call does a great job with our company's website! We work with Cassia, and she responses promptly and does an amazing job sharing ideas for our website as well as helping us to develop a great presence online. We have had many compliments on our website since we started working together. It's user friendly, professional and updated with our most recent information. Thank you Cassia for your expertise and assistance!
Kat HobzaKat Hobza
14:11 23 Oct 18
Can you post this for me, Kat?:Let me say this about First Call: They developed our web page on time and on budget and taught us how to run it ourselves. That alone is justification for giving them a chance because delays and excuses have been my prior experiences with designers. Questions were pleasantly answered (and still are) and we, the client, were kept out of the weeds unless we wanted to go deeper. Very comfortable staff to work with at every level. So today when I have an issue, I email what it is and immediately a response comes that they have received it and will have a technician get in touch with me as soon as one is free (no more than 2 hours, ever. Most of the time within 30 minutes). We discuss it and then I’ll get a call and an email to ‘try it now’ and its done. Easy-peasy with smiles and obvious appreciation for our business. Ours had been a wonderful relationship.MMonte Turner | Patient Satisfaction/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Mineral Community Hospital