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Understanding SEO

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SEO for Plumbing Companies

SEO is such a comprehensive, on-going concept, it’s hard to decide where to begin! Search Engine Optimization changes regularly as Google adapts its algorithm to the changing world. Despite this, there are some tried-and-true SEO methods that have been standard practice no matter how Google has changed over the years. 

SEO Essentials Checklist

1. Set Up Your Analytics

Without Google Analytics, you won’t be able to track your SEO efforts. Analytics can help you by showing all sorts of stats so you can better target your online marketing efforts for your plumbing business. You can find valuable information such as:

  • Where traffic is coming from
  • What pages people are visiting most
  • What keywords your site is showing for
  • How much engagement you get on certain pages

The real work of installing and configuring your analytics will need to be done by a web professional but some of the initial set-up can be done DIY. Follow this guide to set up Google Analytics so you can start tracking how your site and SEO are performing.

Quick DIY SEO Assessment

You can run a quick audit of your current plumbing website to see how it’s performing by asking yourself a handful of questions. These questions will let you know how your website is

For a more comprehensive SEO audit, try out this free SEO tool from Neil Patel.


Your website may include some basic SEO but may be lacking in the technical requirements in order to rank well for plumbing keywords. Keywords are incredibly important to a strong SEO strategy. How they are represented on your site is also very important. There are a handful of ways you should implement keywords on your website:

  • Title Tags
  • URLs
  • Images
  • Content
  • Heading tags
2. Set Your SEO Goals

Once you’ve reviewed your analytics, you can get an idea of what pages your current visitors are visiting. Are they going to the pages that you want? Are they entering in through your homepage and then leaving? Are they going to your contact page?

This is where you should set your SEO goals. Here are a few examples:

  • I want to increase traffic 10% over the next 3 months.
  • I want to rank well for “HVAC” in my city.
  • I want to reduce my bounce rate by 5% over the next 3 months.

Ensure your plumbing SEO goals are SMART. Know how you will track progress and what success looks like. 

3. Keywords

In the SEO world, there is a recurring phrase, “Content is King”. This certainly hasn’t changed but you can’t just create any content. You must create content that provides value to your potential customer. The best way to ensure you’re creating content that provides value is to do keyword research.

Keyword research can be performed by a variety of tools online. The best tool available is the Keyword planning tool provided by Google.

The keyword planning tool will allow you to discover keywords, traffic, keyword value and more. The difference in search volume between “plumbing company” and “plumber near me” can be huge. Choose the right keywords!



For a more comprehensive SEO audit, try out this free SEO tool from Neil Patel.

4. Create Content

Your website may include some basic SEO but may be lacking in the technical requirements in order to rank well for plumbing keywords. Keywords are incredibly important to a strong SEO strategy. How they are represented on your site is also very important. There are a handful of ways you should implement keywords on your website:

  • Title Tags
  • URLs
  • Images
  • Content
  • Heading tags

The most valuable way to incorporate keywords into your website is through blogging and landing page creation. These pages will help you target the search terms that your potential clients are using. 

For example, if you want to target “Boiler Repair” for your city, it is best to either create a blog or a landing page dedicated to that keyword. Ensure that your content is between 500-1200 words for best SEO targeting.

5. Claim Your Citations

Off-page SEO is any optimization that is done off of your website. Off-page SEO primarily includes social media, backlinks, and local citations. One of the most valuable tools for plumbing and contracting companies is claiming and optimizing your local citations.

Citations include sites like Yelp, Houzz, Yellow Pages, Google My Business, Bing, and Yahoo. Every plumbing company business owner should take the time to go in and claim these top listings, update their information, and encourage customers to leave them a positive review on their preferred review site.

Local listings are ESSENTIAL for ranking well locally. A well-reviewed company on Google My Business (with a terrible website) will often rank better locally than an awesome website with no listing or reviews. This is because Google’s “local” algorithm depends heavily on reviews.


Making Your Plumbing Website Work for You

Does your website work for you? Check out these resources to discover the essentials to a high-performing website that pulls in plumbing leads and keeps your business growing. To get your website to work for you, ask yourself these three questions:


1. Is your website selling your services?

2. Does your website tell your story?

3. Is it time to redesign your plumbing website?


Plumbing Social Media Strategies

Social media can help you stay in touch with your customers as well as help them stay aware of your business and services.

Check out these helpful guides for maintaining a social media account for your plumbing business:


Growing Smart

Growing your plumbing business should be done with a plan in place to accommodate growth. What does growth look like to your business? Are you wanting to expand into specific areas? Want to get more of a certain type of client? Set your standards so you know if you’re growing in the right way.

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Free Marketing Resources

Understanding SEO

SEO for plumbing companies can be challenging but some planning can help improve your rank and bring in more plumbing customers.

Making Your Website Work For You

Does your plumbing website convert visitors into customers? Your site should work on your behalf. Learn how.

Plumbing Social Media Strategies

Social media for plumbers doesn’t have to be tedious. It can become a great resource for your company. Find out how.

Growing Smart

We all want our businesses to grow. You should plan to grow your plumbing business in a smart, sustainable way. Use our 7 Step Digital Marketing Guide for Plumbers to grow your business.

Getting Leads

Where do leads come from in the digital age? When out-of-date marketing methods aren’t getting your phone to ring, find plumbing leads online. 

Plumber Case Study

Do you know how people view your plumbing business? Learn how other local plumbers have grown their business.


Getting Plumbing Leads

Getting leads is essential to growing a plumbing business. The old days of word-of-mouth don’t cut it anymore. If you want to stay on top of your competitors, then you have to have a strategy to do so.

Follow this checklist:

An email list can help you stay in touch with existing customers and you can promote your referral program to them.

Cleaning up your online citations will help you know who is leaving you reviews. Always respond to both positive and negative reviews so people get an idea of how you handle business.

There are several methods of referral programs. Try out a few to see which one works best for you.

Improving your SEO will drive traffic to your website, helping you to acquire fresh leads.



Brand Awareness

Brand awareness for a plumbing company includes many concepts you’re probably familiar with. Brand awareness includes things like word-of-mouth referrals, online referrals, online listings (citations), social media presence, and recognition from partner sites or organizations.


Referrals are a familiar concept to anyone in a contracting or plumbing industries. Word-of-mouth referrals were king for many years but since moving into the digital age, referrals have taken new form. Referrals in this instance take the form of Online Reviews which are found on Citations.


Citations are online listings such as Yelp, Google, Bing, or Yellow Pages. These listings are often created whether you realize it or not.

It is the business owner’s responsibility to go and claim/optimize these listings.

They can be mildly time-consuming but once you claim them, you are good to go. From there, you can monitor for reviews and respond accordingly. These are an essential piece of Local SEO for Plumbers.

Not sure what listings exist for your business? Use MozLocal’s FREE listing checker tool to see how your plumbing business is showing online.

Can I delete a bad review?

This is probably one of the most common issues that plumbers face when managing their brand awareness. They’ve received a fraudulent or bogus negative review on their Google listing and want it removed.

The unfortunate truth is that you cannot remove negative reviews. 

Your best option is to bury the negative review below good ones.

If your review is clearly representing another company for example by saying “Plumbing company A is way better than this company.” Then you have the right to flag the review as being in conflict with Google’s guidelines.

Another great practice for managing the brand reputation for your plumbing company is to reply to negative reviews in a friendly way that shows your company is level-headed and respectable.

How is your online reputation?

To summarize, your brand awareness includes how people talk about your business online. It is valuable for you to claim and update your online listings so that you can reply to negative reviews. Have you ran your checks? How’s your business look? Could it use better management? Find out more about how to tend to your online brand.



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