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What is a Web Assessment?

A Web Assessment is a deep dive into the overall performance of your site. We evaluate everything that makes great websites work and help you understand where your site may be lacking. We evaluate some key aspects of your site including:

  • SEO

  • Copy

  • Design

  • Accessibility

  • Messaging

  • Conversion Quality

  • Marketing Funnel what?

How do I use this
Web Assessment?

A web assessment provides you with key action steps to improve your website. It could be a checklist of SEO updates you should be applying, an overview of where your messaging is lacking, prompt questions to get your content in alignment, a look at how people are interacting with your site, or a clear and resounding reason to build something new. 


You'll feel confident moving forward with a checklist of improvements you can make to your site. Either use them with your own internal marketing team or send them our way for our Done for You Digital Marketing service.

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Your web assessment will give you confidence in the priorities you will need to focus on for site improvements to turn your website into a highly converting sales machine.

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If you’re considering working with a digital agency, then we would encourage you to ask yourself all the reasons why you feel frustrated with your marketing currently. Perhaps you just want a new website. Maybe it’s that your Ads campaigns just aren’t going anywhere. Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin.

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