Plumbers: This hack will help you recruit top notch talent


After talking to plumbers week and week out, I’ve heard the same thing consistently: Finding and retaining quality recruits is a tremendous challenge. The problem seems to stem from two issues:

1. Plumbers are insanely busy and find themselves in constant need of new hires
2. Not as many young people are going into the trades, so the pool of candidates is very small

There is one simple hack that many of the plumbers that I work with have not considered when it comes to recruiting the best talent – having a kick-ass website.

Why does that matter?


If you’re a plumber, you don’t need us to tell you how stiff the competition is in the plumbing industry. We also don’t have to tell you that not all plumbing companies are created equally. Someone looking to work for a plumbing company has lots and lots of options.

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A professional website gives your plumbing business a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting. Because a new hire has so many options, if you have a kick-ass website, the recruit is going to come away with a strong impression of your entire operation. More than likely, the recruit will want to work with a company that takes their business seriously enough to have a solid web presence. It tells the recruit, “We’re here to stay and we value what online marketing can do for the sustainability of our business year in and year out.” If you have an old website or no website at all, it could definitely be affecting your ability to recruit new talent.

Careers page

This is probably the most important web page a plumber website can have to recruit solid candidates. Even if you only have a job posting once a year, a career page is still vital. It’s an opportunity to showcase your plumbing business’ story, share staff images, and list benefits and perks. Because it’s so difficult to find new plumbing hires, an Always-Be-Recruiting approach is not a bad idea. This means that you accept and process applications throughout the year, so that when and if you have an opening on your plumbing team, you have a few candidates teed up. It’s true that your pre-qualified candidates may have had no other choice but to accept another job offer, but you may find that they are not happy where they are and that they may be looking to make a move.


Contact Form

If nothing else, a plumbing website should have a contact form. This may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed how many plumbers I visit with that don’t have a website at all, and if they do, their website may not have a contact form. I’ve even come across plumber websites that have a contact form, but it doesn’t work! These types of instances create a real barrier between you and awesome plumbing talent.

Your new hire is just a click away

A dedicated, professional website, designed specifically for the plumbing industry is a great hack for finding new talent. This type of digital presence tells a prospective new hire that you are a professional who takes your plumbing business seriously (job security for the new hire). A dedicated career page makes it easy for a recruit to learn more about your business and then apply for whatever positions you have currently, or in the future.