First Call Digital Agency Presents:

The Marketing Workout Challenge

Afterward, any questions or thoughts can be submitted below the video.

Get your Workout Worksheets!

We challenge you to complete the attached worksheet and take a serious dive into your overall marketing strategy for 2023.

Have you decided which of the marketing gaps you need to strengthen? It’s time to work those marketing muscles!

Questions? We are all ears:

Key Takeaways:

If nothing else, take these two graphics and incorporate them into your processes. 

First, the DNA of a Marketing Engine.  Walk through each step and outline different tactics that could work for your business.

Second, is the Freedom Journey.  This climb illustrates the different zones of marketing and the milestones that will get you there.  

The most important step:  Committing to yourself, committing to the process and committing to building it right over time.

So what's the next step?

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