Information Architecture

Aligning your information with user behavior. 

Wish your Google Analytics looked Better?

Creating a beautiful website is only half the battle. Making sure the content that goes on your website makes sense and works well is the second summit. Content marketing is what SEO and marketing experts call “King”. And it isn’t going anywhere. If your information online is making people bounce or exit from your website without a second glance, then you probably need to re-evaluate your Information Architecture.

What is Information Architecture?

People are complicated. And how we market to them changes all of the time – especially with the advent of new technology. When was the last time you read up on how the average Smartphone user interacts with information on the internet? Learning how people interact with your website is a science. Knowing how to keep them engaged is a skill. It’s our job to climb inside the head of online searchers and structure your information to create a user experience they will love and engage with.

Our Information Architecture Services

Strategy is everything when it comes to Information Architecture. Why work with First Call for your content structuring? Well…

Keep It Simple

Web development is complicated. But you shouldn’t have to worry about that. At First Call, we strive to take the mess out of web design & content structuring. We lay things out simple for you and keep the technical terms to a minimum.

Industry Specific

Each industry requires its own approach to marketing. We don’t use a one-size-fits all style with Information Architecture. We listen to your goals and we identify the best way to reach them using the latest trends in marketing.

Work with a Team

First Call maintains a close group of experienced web developers & SEO specialists. Don’t get handed off to a different point of contact each time you need a question answered. Get to know your web team!

Industry Best Practices

The web team at First Call stays on top of the latest trends in marketing, web development, and SEO. Our content is written by content creators with years of experience. Don’t waste your energy on poorly curated content. Choose better.

Competitor Research

We evaluate your competitors to see what’s working and not working for your industry.



We’ve learned that as businesses grow, their goals change. That’s why we stay closely in touch with our clients to take regular assessments on where they could grow.

Does your website’s information make sense to your customer? 

Poor analytics indicates that either you are attracting the wrong kind of client (high exit rates) or your content isn’t engaging them (high bounce rates). Or worse, you don’t have any traffic at all. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current website:

  • Is my site showing steady growth?
  • Is my phone ringing?
  • Is my business growing?
  • When was the last time I updated my site?
  • How old is my website?
  • How fast is my website?
  • Is my marketing message clear?

Not sure about any of the above? It may be time to schedule a digital marketing assessment with a web professional. A few tweaks and you could be seeing results like these.


"They developed our web page on time and on budget and taught us how to run it ourselves. That alone is justification for giving them a chance because delays and excuses have been my prior experiences with designers."

Monte Turner, Mineral Community Hospital

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