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Done-For-You Marketing

Your Marketing Department has Arrived

Being the boss as well as the head of marketing is hard.

Marketing projects can feel like the lowest priority on Monday, and by Friday, you still haven't made any progress.


Dedicating the necessary time to marketing efforts is nearly impossible when we have fires to put out, direct impact items to complete, a business to run.


And yet, you know that digital marketing has a huge impact and is critically important to business growth.


A big challenge with digital marketing is that consistency and an actionable plan are key.  The lack of a real, looming deadline makes it all too easy to ignore.


Done For You Digital Marketing with a marketing partner is the easy, turnkey solution that provides real results with very little effort. Let us handle your strategy from start to finish with clear goals and milestones to meet.


Marketing strategies can become complicated very quickly and seem very daunting. They are made up of different initiatives to be followed and managed, with data collection and timelines to contend with.


The most challenging part isn’t the high-level strategy, it’s prioritizing the consistent day-to-day execution and taking the time to be proactive.

Take Marketing Off Your Plate

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Done-For-You Marketing

You are already wearing too many hats.  Don’t push marketing efforts off any longer.  Learn how First Call becomes your Marketing Department and drives your business growth.

You should have clarity and confidence in your campaigns.


Let’s look at a few things that make Done-For-You marketing a no-brainer:

Time and Effort

You’re probably spread thin in a million different places. That’s a pretty universal feeling for executives and business owners. The challenge with digital marketing is that there is digital marketing and then there is successful digital marketing.


It’s not super hard to get some of the tasks and projects done, but can you commit to doing them consistently? Furthermore, can you create the space in your day and mind to be proactive? These things are soft metrics but can make the difference between a successful campaign and a money pit campaign.

Staffing and Costs

Keeping and retaining a good talent pool is difficult most of the time. Then you add to that that digital marketing help needs to be more invested and self-motivated than most. You must also provide constant training to keep their technical skills and expertise up to date.


The salaries to keep those people engaged can easily break budgets, and then there’s the time you spend managing everyone!


Arguably the biggest benefit of working with a marketing partner is the resources you get access to without needing to recruit, train and manage. Digital marketing is a puzzle of many different pieces: graphics, content writing, copy, website design, SEO, keyword research, video editing, and more. You may be able to google your way through most of those things, but the real magic comes from people with the hands-on experience to target the right things.


A digital marketing agency can leverage scale to bring the best of those resources straight to small companies. You get the full, fractional team.

High Performing Creativity

The annoying thing about making marketing material is that it needs to be good enough for people to want to look at it. You need to be constantly creative and stay up to date with your market's interests. You can probably churn out several on-brand generic posts a week but have no idea if they’re targeting the right people. Even worse, some companies churn out material that doesn’t really say anything at all.


A digital marketing team allows you to have content made by people who genuinely excel in creating interesting material.


Here’s how we create a strategy for a consistent, yet creative, approach to content:


  • Dissect your audience and understand them - moreover, don’t just understand them as physical people. Understand how they interact with the digital world and what they want to know
  • Define a strategic brand vision, document it, and communicate it clearly with everyone involved
  • Give your voice an authentic personality by featuring real users and team members
  • Provide real value. Your media should not be all about you or your sales
  • Create a regular testing schedule to continuously review the effectiveness of your creative assets
  • Be consistent with branding and voice. They say it takes a consumer 7 interactions with a business to trust them. If your content is inconsistent and they don’t realize you’re the same company, you’ve reduced your effectiveness


Knowing where your leads are coming from and understanding your marketing data is crucial for making key decisions. By setting up proper tracking of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI), you can better analyze how your campaigns are performing. This allows you to adjust them based on how your audience is responding.


Assimilating this data yourself can be tedious and is only effective if you can turn the analytics into strategy adjustments.


A digital marketing partner can manage the tracking and data side of your campaigns. In most areas, this is handled for you completely. A marketing agency can consistently review metrics and make tweaks as needed. Then they can turn that into a report that allows you to quickly see how each specific metric impacts your growth.


Define your metrics - A digital marketing partner will work with you to determine which metrics to analyze and then will manage it from there. A common mistake is to think that you should monitor all metrics and hope that all of them get better in one fell swoop. Not all metrics affect your business in the same way, and this approach should be customized to ensure you can identify where you’re getting the best return.

Define your audience - You know your business’s target customers, but do you know how to reach them online? How do you know if the people clicking on your posts are the right people?

A digital marketing agency can help you continually grow and refine your strategy to narrow in on your target customer.

Analyze your metrics - If you have data, but everyone is busy and no one takes the time to dig into it, does it serve you?

Data not analyzed is wasted. A digital marketing partner can take the time to analyze data and take the guesswork out of your marketing.

Once you start, how do you know if it’s working? What real, tangible value is your digital marketing bringing to your business? It takes someone with time dedicated to your data to figure that out.

Enter Milestone-Based Marketing - Milestone-based plans allow us to plan key pieces of the digital strategy and guide you along the way. Wouldn't it be nice to know where you're going with your marketing?

Legal Changes

The best way to address this is to get a legal checklist or check with a business attorney when you are starting a new campaign online or changing an existing one. We recommend looking for a new, updated checklist on a regular schedule – perhaps monthly or quarterly. This is especially crucial if your internal marketing team handles the business website.

Change of Targeting

The growing movement away from using cookies as a method to monitor a target market is changing the landscape of digital marketing. We will see new and innovative ways of gathering, monitoring, and analyzing real-time data developed soon. Keeping up with these changes is necessary to grow your market and avoid potential legal complications.

Managing a team is hard on a good day.

Managing Your Team

Recruiting and maintaining a team has been especially challenging lately. In this area, we can give you all the hiring and management pro tips in the world, but the reality is that tips don’t change the market. You know how to hire and manage; that’s not the issue.


In this area, a marketing partner can leverage the experience that would have otherwise been inaccessible. They have access to better talent pools due to remote, part-time working environments. Best of all, you don’t have to be the one to go through the entire sourcing process for each person. The plug-and-play experience that comes with a marketing partner is simply not replicable.


Once you have the team, managing them is an entirely different project. Project management, integration, and quality control are immense duties for any marketing manager. Marketing partners can again leverage their scale to complete these projects for you, presenting clean and complete results. Hiring and maintaining a manager for your marketing projects greatly increases your marketing expenses.


Technologically, having a fractional team at your disposal has additional benefits. Many marketing teams maintain members certified in different areas, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing Ads, WordPress SEO, etc. This means you benefit from certifications without having to pay for your team members to maintain these certifications. Many agencies work directly with reps from Google and other resources and have access that you might not have as an in-house team.


Also, ask what SEO, social media, and paid advertising platforms they subscribe to as an agency. Again, you get the benefit of these without the direct costs of maintaining subscriptions to multiple platforms or needing to integrate new tools with your team.

In Conclusion

The biggest mistake we see from growing companies is to think that digital marketing is a simple job, one that involves completing a set of checklists.


“10 social posts per week, 2 videos, and an email and we’re good to go! It’s absolutely something that we can handle in-house, maybe even with just one person!”


That kind of thinking makes the internal marketing job easier but produces few results, which is why the dynamic approach of a marketing partner can be appealing. It’s easy to invest some time into marketing projects but not be proactive enough, resulting in low RoI.


Growing your business with a digital marketing strategy can be a hugely expensive and time-consuming team project, or it can be turnkey with reports “dropped on your desk” that chart tangible returns. I know which one I’d go with! But your friendly neighborhood marketing experts at First Call can help. We aren’t pushy salespeople - we want to help companies come up with the best solutions. Reach out, and let’s talk about how to build a plan that meets your specific goals.

Take Marketing Off Your Plate

Learn More About
Done-For-You Marketing

You are already wearing too many hats.  Don’t push marketing efforts off any longer.  Learn how First Call becomes your Marketing Department and drives your business growth.

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If you’re considering working with a digital agency, then we would encourage you to ask yourself all the reasons why you feel frustrated with your marketing currently. Perhaps you just want a new website. Maybe it’s that your Ads campaigns just aren’t going anywhere. Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin. What is the real cost of staying where you are right now? What could you gain by getting started today?

First Call has worked with businesses in every kind of industry in the Montana area. When you work with us, you’re choosing a proven strategy driven by a team that can’t wait to help you succeed.

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