Does Your website make You money?

It’s time your website starts working FOR you!

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9 Critical Elements to Homepage Success

Is Your Homepage Converting?

Users are there, but no one is clicking

It is frustrating when you look at the analytics, you see people are visiting the website, but you have no phone calls, no form fills, no leads to show from it.


Remember, your homepage is a part of the dating process, you are not asking anyone to marry you here.


The key is to focus on engagement, getting visitors to take action, even the smallest action like filling out a form or joining a newsletter.


Our guide covers 9 critical elements your homepage needs in order for it to be successful and start turning passive browsers into active leads.

Does Your Homepage separate you from the Competition?

Do you provide great, quality service?  Yes, you and everyone else in town.  Set yourself apart with a strong, personalized core message.


Do you use stock images?  Do you have any images?  When it comes to marketing your business online, it's important to put a face to the anonymity.  Team photos or owner photos, images of your office or previous work.  These all help to build that initial trust with cold leads that can help them take further action down the sales funnel.


Lastly, you and your competitors offer similar services, that's why you are competitors!   If you can frame your service offerings in such a way that you are the ONLY one offering these solutions, you are already off to a great start! 

Is Your Homepage You?

Does Your Homepage Reflect Your Brand?

We often see a disconnect between a business offline and the business online.  Either service offerings have changed, branding elements have been tweaked or promotions and deals are far outdated.


Your website, especially your homepage should be a sales enablement tool, it should work for you and your sales processes.


Ensure you have the most up to date brand elements for your business so when that potential customer visits the website after meeting one of your reps, there is zero confusion, zero friction and a stronger push towards a deal.

Does Google see You?

Does Your Homepage Rank for Your Top Keywords?

If you don't exist on Google, do you exist at all?


Being found on Google or other search engines is a huge part of your business's success.  That is free traffic.  But getting there means making sure your Homepage is properly optimized.


SEO is a major component of any digital marketing campaign.  The goal is to have your website show up when someone is searching for a service you provide.


Understanding what your customers or potential customers are searching for is a critical step.  From there, you can optimize your content, headings, title tags and much more!

Do you offer this?

Are Your Services Clearly Defined?

We talked earlier about consisted branding and being up to date.  One of the main factors associated with that idea is clearly identifying your services.


You are losing customers if you do not have your most up to date services on the website.  Or you are wasting time dealing with people calling about services that you no longer offer.


Both situations are bad.  Don't let it happen to you.  Keep up to date, monitor and always maintain alignment between what the business is offering, online and off.

Can You be Trusted?

How do You PROVE You are the right choice?

As we've mentioned, the online world is an anonymous one.  Building trust with visitors to your website can be a difficult task, so help them with that hurdle.


Share past reviews from happy clients, post a video of the owner or the team welcoming folks to the website and introducing the brand, highlight associations or partners that you work with to ensure the job gets done right.

Do You have a clear Sales Funnel?

Ok, someone finally does take action on the website, what now?  Sometimes that lead is not ready to buy immediately, they may be researching, they may be putting together a short-list for the higher-ups to review.  In any event, you need a system in place to capture that leads information and not lose them in the digital thicket.


Does your sales team know where the lead came from?  This is also a crucial step to closing the deal.  You do not want a sales rep to call up a fresh lead and start blabbing about Service A when the lead had shown interest in Service C.

What is working?

How do You measure Marketing Success?

Marketing is most often thought of as an expensive black box:  You throw money into it, not sure where or what it is for, and hopefully some leads trickle out the other side.


That is not how it should be done.  It is important to establish clear growth goals for your business.  Then understand what type of clients will get you to those goals.

From there it is all about creating a marketing strategy specific to gaining those type of leads that can turn into those clients.

Does Your website make You money?

It’s about time your website starts working FOR you! Download the 9 Critical Elements for Homepage Success e-guide for vital tips on how to keep visitors on your website, engage and inspire them to take action!

Download Your FREE E-Guide