5 Website Tricks That Will

Help Your Business Recover in 2021

Economic Recovery for Montana Small Business Owners

For many small business owners in Montana, 2020 was an extremely difficult year. The ones that will survive and thrive in 2021 are the ones that take this time to reflect and adapt to the changes. You’re taking the right steps! Let’s get started.

This Guide Offers 5 Simple Tricks for Business Recovery

#1 Innovate in the Digital Age

A few promising ways you can utilize a digital presence during 2021 to grow your business.

#2 Marketing Off of Your Website

Learn the most essential avenue for marketing your business online, aside from your website.

#3 A Marketing Edge

Learn of a few methods that could bring in much-needed new customers in 2021.

#4 Pull in More Traffic

Learn one simple thing that will increase your website traffic in 2021.

#5 Refreshing Your Website on the Cheap

Find out the most affordable way to make your website seem fresh and new to your visitors.

Your Business Can Prosper in 2021

This guide was written for small business owners. It’s a quick reference with helpful tips that anyone can use to gain some perspective on where their website could grow and change.  

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Meet the author. Cassia is your guide to improving your website and online web presence. She’s trained in SEO, and certified in inbound marketing, social media (HubSpot) as well as Google Ads.

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